Beginners guide to your first cigars

If you're unsure what stick to try first, or have only had a couple of machine made cigarillos from the servo, this list may help:

  • Start with smaller cigars - You don't want to waste cigar or money by starting off BIG and finding it all a bit much.
  • Take your time - Make sure you allow enough time to sit, relax and enjoy your cigar, a Cigar on the move is never as good as one while relaxing with a bit of Bob Dylan playing and a nice drink :)
  • First few times - Go Mild:
    • Romeo Julieta #1, #2 or #3 are great. Good size, really smooth and enjoyable.
    • The Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park Is a nice smooth stick, the Maduro is good too! with a darker richer wrapper.
    • The CAO Eileens Dream is a Baileys/Irish Cream flavoured Petit Corona, small - but really really good - don't be a flavour hater and try one!
Books about CIGARS

Books, Books & Great Cigar Books

We have a range of great cigr books available, how much do you really know about that great cigar you had, or about the wonderful cuban world where the masters hand roll thousands great cigars, then have a look:

We also have a great cigar journal with space to write and record details like families, ring gauge, experiances, flavours for each third of the sticks you try, and a place to stick the bands.

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