Tobacco concessions for travellers

All tobacco imported into New Zealand attracts duty and GST, except for a limited amount carried by travellers arriving in New Zealand.

The duty free limit for travellers is 50 cigarettes or 50 grams of cigars or tobacco products.  If you exceed the duty-free limit and you declare the excess cigarettes or tobacco, you will only pay duty on the excess.

If you fail to declare it on your Passenger Arrival Card, your cigarettes or tobacco will be seized and you may be prosecuted.

There is no duty-free allowance for tobacco sent or imported into New Zealand. If you are sent cigarettes, cigars, loose tobacco or tobacco products in the mail from overseas you will have to pay duty and GST on entire amount.

Approximate duty payable by travellers

  • 50 cigarettes = $0 duty
  • 70 cigarettes = $14.90 duty and GST (50 are duty-free)
  • 200 cigarettes = $111.72 duty and GST (50 are duty-free)
  • 50 grams loose tobacco = $0 duty
  • 250 grams loose tobacco = $203.52 duty and GST (50 grams are duty-free)
  • 10 cigars, each weighing 10 grams = $47.60 (50 grams are duty-free)
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