Cigar Ring Gauges Explained

Ever wonder what the ring gauges mean and what size it really is? What does a 42, 50, 52 ring gauge actually mean. What size is a Corona, or a Robusto...

Hopefully this post will shed a bit more light on it.

Ring Gauges of Cigars

The ring gauge of the cigar relates to the diameter measured in inches. So for example a Double Corona with a ring gauge of 50 has a diameter of 50/64th of an inch.

Being in New Zealand, and not working with inches, this doesn't tell me an awful lot, so here is a table that shows the ring gauges in centimetres.

Ring Gauge mm
1/4 6.3500
17/64 6.7469
19/64 7.5406
21/64 8.3344
23/64 9.1281
25/64 9.9219
27/64 10.7156
29/64 11.5094
31/64 12.3031
33/64 13.0969
35/64 13.8906
37/64 14.6844
39/64 15.4781
41/64 16.2719        PETIT CORONA (129mm long)
43/64 17.0656       CORONA (142mm long)
                    LONSDALE (165mm Long)
45/64 17.8594
47/64 18.6531        CORONA GORDA (143mm long)
                      CHURCHILL (178mm long)
49/64 19.4469        ROBUSTO (124mm long)
51/64 20.2406         DOUBLE CORONA (194mm long)
53/64 21.0344        BELICOSO (140mm long)
55/64 21.8281
57/64 22.6219
59/64 23.4156
61/64 24.2094
63/64 25.0031
64/64 25.4000

* some cigars like Torpedos, Pyramids and Figurados will differ in diameter from top to foot.

* as the ring gauges are all odds, most cigars have an 'even' number. eg a corona is 42 ring gauge.

The different names and sizes are averages. Different manufacturers have different sizes. Coronas, Churchills, Robustos are generic names with the sizes above being the most common.

Hopefully you have found this helpful. The next step is to name the different cigars, the lengths, the names, eg Robustos, Coronas, Rothschild, Churchills, Panatellas, Short Churchills, etc. These names relate to the sizes of cigars and usually have an interesting history behind them.


For a Cigar Glossary, for cigar names, sizes, explanations, etc, check out the Cigar Glossary blog.

If you have a website or source or personal knowledge regarding the history of the names of cigars, or even of cigars themselves, please email me [email protected]. The more information I have regarding cigars, the more accurate the blog will be.

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