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Have you asked yourself "Do I need a Humidor to store my Cigars in?" The answer is YES! 

I'm looking at humidors, I'm a first time buyer and I'm after a bit of advice. When you buy a humidor, is there anything else you NEED? ie digital humidity gauge, product to make sure the wood isn't dry etc? Do you have to do anything to maintain the humidor? Is there anything else I haven't thought of?

Investing in a good quaility humidor may seem like an unnesscary expense, $100 - $150.00 could buy a few sticks, a night out on the town, or an important date night. You may think those cigars you brought two months are are still fine because you have kept them in your udies draw, They're not

The Cigar Shop ships all our humidors with our Cigar Humidor Solution to get you started (at no extra cost) it's the best way to start and then you can dip your toes into the world of a Digital hygrometer (highly recommended) and explore the Boveda system as well (Boveda is a 2-way system, more reliable/constant but needs to be replaced every 3-4 months). We season the humidors at least once before they ship and include a quick tip-sheet on seasoning your humidor and also calibrating your analogue hygrometer using the salt-test (read more about this on our blog post). 

Maintaining the humidity inside your humidor prefers a good amount of cigars I have discovered over the years; two-layer humidors report different levels of humidity at either level (sometimes quite different, still haven't got to the bottom of that); storing your humidor in a cool place during summer and warm (18-20) in winter is a must; seasonal changes can absolutely do odd things to humidity and soggy / dry cigars happen very fast... if you enjoy cigars, you're going to want a humidor, plain and simple... 3% drop or rise in humidity can change a damn good cigar to something dry n aweful. 

Humidity and temperature are key. Remember, divide your flavoured cigars out (use a jar) and also, Remove the cello, We have seen humidity at near perfect levels once we have removed the cellophane off our personal cigars. 

Once more peice of advice is, buy bigger now, you might think you will never fill a 20ct humidor, you'll be suppried, once you taste a properly stord cigar, you want more and more, your small humidor will fill up quick, then it will need to be gifted out to the borther in law for christmas as you will want to upgrade, there is little in price difference between a 50 ct and 100 count, of course you could always find a local suppyer of spanish cedar and build yourself a coolidor

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We have a range of great cigr books available, how much do you really know about that great cigar you had, or about the wonderful cuban world where the masters hand roll thousands great cigars, then have a look:

We also have a great cigar journal with space to write and record details like families, ring gauge, experiances, flavours for each third of the sticks you try, and a place to stick the bands.

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