I brought my cigars from overseas and now New Zealand Customs has seized my order and are demanding I pay DUTY and EXCISE TAXES !

What do I need to give them, how much is it going to cost? and is it worth it !?! 

Should you be contemplating Importing Cigars from overseas countries the following example is an indication of revenue you will pay the NZ Customs Service.
You will also receive a notification from New Zealand Post in the mail and you will need to do your own Customs Clearance or appoint a Customs Broker.
NZ Customs will charge you NZ$40.77 to process a clearance should you attend in person. 
A broker will charge you anything up to $150.00 dependant of the time involved.
EG: Box of 25 Montecristo No 2   Supplier must produce a Commercial Invoice showing Value and KTC
As at  Mid Oct 2014
Purchase price of USD325.00 converted at 0.77 (being the exchange rate NZ Customs set at every two weeks)
Equals NZD422.07
Plus NZ Excise Duty of $681.72 per KTC(Kilograms of Tobacco Content)(Excise Duties are reviewed each year)
There are 25 sticks @14.26gr per stick=356.5 grams of tobacco weight
Excise Duty therefor equals 682.72/1000 *356.5=$243.03 of duty
Plus Shipping USD30.00 @ .77 =38.96
Plus 15% GST calculated on the purchase price/excise duty / and shipping charges.
Some suppliers will charge you a handling fee which is also subject to GST..
To Summarize:
Cost of Goods NZD422.07
Plus Duty         243.03
Plus Freight    38.96
Total                 704.06
@ 15% Gst      105.61
Sub Total           809.67 
Plus NZC Process Fee  40.77
Grand Total      $850.44  Box of 25 Cigars

Next, take in to the time it takes for you to get your cigars, 2 weeks on the boat from overseas, another week at customs before you get the letter, around another week to do the paper work, clear customs and get shipped out to you.
Thats a month out of the humidor, so needs to be hydrated for 2 weeks or so before your ready to smoke... 

Now, customs are capturing your data, and if they sent out 2 or more letters to the same address, they consider you an importer, and you will need to find a licensed customs agent/broker.

On the other hand, you could buy direct from the Cigar Shop, we have it in stock and can be shipped out in most cases that day, no additional costs and fresh out of the humidor, ready to smoke. 

Here are the weights in grams of a number of cigars sorted by Factory Name. 

Vitola de Galera Weight - gram Common Name 
Almuerzos 7.52 Corona 
Belvederes 6.21 Short Panetela 
Brevas JLP 8.21 Corona 
Cadetes 5.43 Short Panetela 
Campanas 12.45 Pyramid 
Canonazo 13.00 Robusto Extra 
Carlotas 6.39 Panetela 
Cazadores 11.27 Lonsdale 
Cazadores JLP 10.00 Long Corona 
Cervantes 10.80 Lonsdale 
Coloniales 9.18 Corona 
Conservas JLP 9.20 Long Corona 
Coronas 9.29 Corona 
Coronas Gordas 11.41 Grand Corona 
Coronas Grandes 10.14 Long Corona 
Coronitas 6.35 Petit Corona 
Cosacos 8.84 Corona 
Cremas 7.64 Corona 
Cremas JLP 7.59 Corona 
Culebras 6.67 Culebra 
Dalias 11.86 Lonsdale 
Dalias Cortas 9.42 Corona 
Delicados 10.29 Long Panetela 
Delicados Extra 8.9 Long Panetela 
Deliciosos 6.23 Slim Panetela 
Diademas 21.62 Giant Perfecto 
Dobles 14.58 Robusto Extra 
Double Robustos 15.05 Double Robusto 
Edmundo 12.34 Robusto 
Eminentes 8.46 - 8.66? Corona 
Entreactos 3.27 Small Panetela 
Exquisitos 9.45 Perfecto 
Favoritos 7.64 Petit Perfecto 
Franciscanos 6.72 Petit Corona 
Franciscos 9.94 Corona 
Generosos 8.91 Perfecto 
Genios 12.45 Robusto Extra 
Gorditos 11.66 Robusto Extra 
Gran Coronas 18.79 Grand Corona 
Hermosos No.1 14.28 Grand Corona 
Hermosos No.4 10.86 Corona Extra 
Julieta No.2 15.07 Churchill 
Laguito Especial 10.29 Lonsdale 
Laguito No.1 10.29 Long Panetela 
Laguito No.2 8.15 Panetela 
Laguito No.3 2.81 Small Panetela 
Londres 7.29 Petit Corona 
Magicos 11.24 Petit Robusto 
Marevas 8.46 Petit Corona 
Minutos 7.46 Petit Corona 
Montecristo No.2 14.26 Piramide
Nacionales 8.28 Corona 
Nacionales JLP 8.28 Corona 
Ninfas 7.07 Slim Panetela 
Pacos 15.07 Double Corona 
Palmas 6.76 Slim Panetela 
Palmitas 5.68 Slim Panetela 
Panetelas Largas 5.01 Slim Panetela 
Parejos 8.90 Panetela 
Perlas 5.91 Petit Corona 
Petit Bouquet 6.06 Petit Perfecto 
Petit Cazadores 6.04 Petit Corona 
Petit Cetros 7.04 Petit Corona 
Petit Cetros JLP 6.32 Short Panetela 
Petit Coronas 7.70 Petit Corona 
Petit Edmundo 10.76 Petit Robusto 
Petit Robustos 5.27 Petit Robusto 
Piramides 14.26 Pyramid 
Placeras 5.27 Small Panetela 
Prominentes 17.86 Double Corona 
Reyes 6.37 Petit Corona 
Robustos 11.66 Robusto 
Rodolfos 17.08 Double Pyramid 
Romeo 13.22 Perfecto 
Salomon - I 19.80 Double Perfecto 
Secretos 6.37 Petit Corona 
Seoane 5.01 Small Panetela 
Serie C No.1 6.37 Double Corona 
Standard 6.90 Petit Corona 
Tacos 10.79 Perfecto 
Trabucos 5.80 Short Panetela 
Vegueritos 6.10 Short Panetela 
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