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A Humidor is the best investment you can make for your precious cigars and before you add your cigars it needs to be seasoned. You will want to give your new humidor a jump start in attaining the desired humidity before you put your cigars into it. In comparison, when you buy a new freezer you turn it on and wait for the temperature to reach -18c before you put your food into it. With a humidor, you want it to be between 68 and 72% relative humidity, and then your cigars will be stored in the perfect environment, ready for when you're ready to smoke them. You will really notice the improvement when smoking a correctly stored cigar!

How: Open and take out all the removable components- trays, dividers, and humidity devices. You will need a small bottle of distilled water and a brand new hi-density sponge. Tap water contains impurities and can cause mould and other odours. Get your sponge wet (but not soaking) and gently wipe all the interior wooded areas to slightly moisten the wood. Do the same with the trays and dividers, put the wood items back inside.

Close it for 2 weeks. It's important not to rush this process.

If you're getting readings of 68-75% RH (relative humidity) in a temperature of 18-22 degrees C your box should be good to go. Now you can add your cigars.

Keep monitoring the readings. If the humidity starts to climb you want to make some adjustments. Remember, temperature affects humidity. Keep your humidor in an area with a stable temperature between 18-22 degrees C. Now you can play with your humidity. I found after seasoning I needed to replace my Boveda 84's with 4 x Boveda 69's for the perfect balance. This is where you need to experiment depending on the size of your box, how many cigars you have, and what condition they were in when you put them in. It can take a few days to a few weeks for levels to stabilise.

Some cigar owners prefer to use our 50/50 solution of distilled water and propylene glycol. These work just as well but we're finding more and more are switching to the Boveda system for ease of use. It removes the need to use liquids as the pouches are sealed and use a special paper that allows the humidity to escape into your humidor at the perfect rate. They come in a handy range of humidification so you can choose them accordingly, depending on where you live. The pouches will last 3 or 4 months and you will know when they need replacing because they will go stiff.

What do you do with your cigars while your humidor is seasoning? We recommend placing them in a tupperware container, cooler, or Plastic Zip-Loc bag with 69% Boveda while you wait for your humidor to season.

Our customers from around New Zealand tell us the following Boveda’s work best in their regions:

  • Boveda 69% - Taupo, Hamilton, Auckland and Northland
  • Boveda 72% - Central NZ - Palmerston North, Wellington, Marlborough
  • Boveda 75% - Christchurch, Dunedin and areas south and central

How many cigars to store in your humidor? Many experts claim that you should not over-stuff your humidor so that the humidity has a better chance of better regulating your collection. One rule of thumb is 75% full. So if your box is a 100 count, you could safely store up to 75 cigars. Initially we suggest rotating your cigars from time to time. Put the ones in the lower trays in the top and vice versa. Give them a turn as well- just like champagne in a cellar. This helps mitigate a condition known as 'canoeing'- or an uneven burn.

A well-seasoned and properly humidified humidor will withstand regular opening, adding of new cigars and safely keeping your collection in pristine condition. If you have any questions relating to your humidor, humidity or anything cigar related you can email us at [email protected] - We love to help.

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