How to 're-hydrate' your cigars

So you got a cigar for a birthday or special occasion, put it in a drawer and months later you remember you got a cigar. Problem is your cigar is now as crisp as a potato chip. (I had a cigar in the car for about 4 months! you can imagine what it was like after undergoing huge temperature changes!) 

Before you throw out your cigar, here are a few steps you can do to rehydrate your cigar without a humidifier.
  1. Place the cigar in a ziplock bag, or sealed container.
  2. Put some water (preferable humidor solution) in a small dish and place in the bag/container. (humidor solution will prevent your cigar from growing mould!)
  3. Place the bag/container in a stable environment, ie not too hot/cold!
  4. Depending on the dryness of the cigar, rehumidifying/rehydrating can take weeks.
To check if your cigar has rehydrated, gently squeeze the open end of the cigar. If it feels soft and bounces back into shape, your cigar is rehydrated. If not, continue the rehydration process as described above.
Ideally you want to keep your cigars in a humidor, and use a humidor solution. 
Some more info re what to do when you take your cigars with you.
When taking a cigar with you to smoke, take it out of the humidor as late as possible. Make sure you put the cigar in a strong solid container, the TUBIDOR is ideal for this, and smoke the cigar when the time is right.
A cigar will keep for a few days unhumidified, however if it needs to be out of a humidor for longer, I strongly suggest investing in a cigar caddy with a humidification device. 
Also a note from personal experience, leather cigar cases look fantastic and are a great sturdy way to carry cigars, however the leather has a tendency to absorb the moisture from the cigar, basically drying them out. I use a leather case if i know ill smoke the cigar the same day, if not i use a TUBIDOR or Cigar caddy
Last but not least, I cant stress enough to make sure you use proper humidor solution for humidification. Water or distilled water has the huge risk of growing mould on your cigars. The propylene glycol in the humidor solution stops this from happening. For the price of less than a cigar, a 250ml bottle of humidor solution will last you at least a year! A small price to pay for something that keeps your cigars in pristine smoking condition.
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