How Cuban Cigars Are Made

Ever wondered why Cuban Cigars are so Expensive, Exclusive, or Popular?

In my 'work related' search for Cuban Cigar Info, I came across these videos that go through the whole Cuban Cigar Process.

It includes. The video includes the complete cigar process, plenty of information, tips and also how some of the cigar brands got their names.

If you are a cigar aficionado, or just a beginner, these three videos are a must to see. It will help you appreciate a Cuban cigar, and will give you plenty of information to impress your friends!

After watching the video, perhaps it will become clear as to why Cuban Cigars are expensive!

Part One describes the different regions where tobacco is grown, Vuelta Arriba, Partido, Semi Vuelta and Vuelta Abajo and how the plants are grown and harvested.

It starts with the different sections of plants and what the different leaves are used for, moving on to harvesting, curing, sorting, classifying, stripping, pressing, aging.

From there the bales go to the legendary Cuban Cigar Factories.

Question: How did the Romeo Y Juliet and Montecristo get their names?

Cuban Cigars part 1/3

Part Two starts with the Torcedor, or Torcedora(f) the cigar roller and shows how a cigar is actually made. From there the cigar undergoes strict quality control for weight, length, girth, consistency, construction and appearance and wrapper and cap.

There is also a team of cigar tasters, Catadores, who test cigars everyday and score them. (Ideal job anyone? getting paid to smoke Cuban Cigars!).

From there the cigars are stored and aged a bit more and packaged.

Note how a variety of people throughout the videos are smoking cigars whilst working.

Cuban Cigars part 2/3

Part Three describes how to choose a cigar and what to look for, how to cut the cigar, The best way to light a cigar and smoke the cigar.

Cuban Cigars part 3/3

These are by far the most comprehensive and accurate videos on Cuban cigars, especially when it comes to the How To's of cigars. ie "how to cut a cigar", "how to light a cigar", "how to smoke a cigar."

If you had the same urge as me, that is to light up a nice Cuban after seeing the videos, click on the following links to be taken to the shop:

  • Cohiba
  • Romeo y Julieta
  • Bolivar

Hope you enjoyed watching!

Sheldon - [email protected]

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