What to do when you receive your new humidor

The humidors we sell come ready to go.

No need to search for instructions on how to calibrate the hygrometer or how to season the humidor. This is all done for you!

Your cigars however, may not be quite used to your new humidor.

So, here are a few simple steps to make sure your cigars and humidor get the best introduction to each other.

  1. Introduce the cigars and humidor (eg. "Cohiba, this is your new house...." )
  2. Place the cigars gently into the humidor and close the lid
  3. After 12 hours, check humidity if less than 70%, fill up the humidifier.
  4. Repeat step 3 until humidity stays constant
  5. Sit back and reward yourself for following all steps.

Although the humidor has been seasoned, it has absorbed all the water it needs to stay at 70% without cigars in it, the cigars may not have adjusted.

For the first few days, the cigars will absorb any moisture they need to stabilise resulting in a dropping humidity and requiring filling up of the humidifier.

I have posted separately re how to 're-hydrate' your cigars, for those who may have just left a cigar in a drawer in a sunny bedroom for example... (I left one in the car for a few days)

I have had a few questions re the humidity in the humidor dropping quite quickly and what to do about it.

When placing a dry cigar or cigars in your humidor, the cigars will absorb the water to rehydrate. The steps 2-4 above will sort this problem out. One note, depending on the amount and dryness of the cigars, this can take a while to happen!

Best thing is to be patient. A dry cigar is not worth smoking as it becomes harsh and will certainly decrease the enjoyment by reducing the flavors and making it burn very fast and unevenly.

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