XIKAR products are very high quality, there is a large range to suit most budgets, they offer an unconditional lifetime warranty and their products last!

I started out selling some 'cheap' cutters, however these would break quite easily, were clumsy, not very sharp and the three times i used them the cut was inconsistent and left me with tobacco bits in my mouth.

Having used the XIKAR cutters they have been consistent, accurate and sharp! The 007 punch and the MTX scissors are in a league of their own as they are easy to use and supply a consistent cut or punch.

The XIKAR lighters are refillable butane lighters. Butane is odourless and has a consistent burn, ideal for lighting cigars. The lighters are available in a variety of shapes and sizes with some colours matching a Xi1 cutter.

XIKAR also produces a variety of accessories including ashtrays, carry cases, sheaths, (you get one free with your purchase of a cutter or lighter!), cigar cases and they also have some very cool collections that incorporate wood, unique designs, carbon fiber to name a few. The collections are available on request.

This is the HC series Ashtray and Table Lighter. Available from The Cigar Lounge for $285 for both.

Xi2 Cigar Cutter

The entry level cutter is the Xi2, made with the same blades as the Xi1, however the body consists of a lightweight nylon fibreglass composite. They come in a variety of colours and retail at $65. Available here

Cigar Cutter

The next step up is the Xi1. Similar to the Xi2 but with an aluminium body. This cutter is heavier than the Xi2 and is also engrave able. Ideal as a gift with a personal message! These retail for $89.50. Available here


The Xi1 is available in a variety of designs and colours. If there is a particular design you are after that is not listed let me know and I can get it in for you.

007 Punch

This punch is made from solid brass and has a 7mm blade. The blade is extended by a smooth twist action, and the dimples on the body give it a good grip. The strong key ring and the weight makes this cutter ideal for socializing with your house and car keys. It also means that you always have a cutter with you! Handy for those surprise occasions where someone offers a cigar but no means to cut it. These retail for $52.50. Available here

I was never sure about a punch as it seems a bit strange. Cigars are meant to be cut, right? However after using this several times, I have become quite fond of my punch. It gives a consistent cut every time, and the 7mm hole seems perfect for most corona size cigars.

I'd recommend buying one of these if you smoke mainly corona size cigars or need a back up cutter. Make sure you practice on some 'cheap' cigars first. This way when you get a nice Bolivar No. 2 you know exactly what to do!

MTX Multi-tool Scissors

These scissors are a must have! Apart from the fantastic scissors, they have some other tools neatly hidden away. A Cigar poker (for loosening a bad-draw cigar and for bleeding the butane lighters), a Cigar Box Opener, Screwdriver (ideal for adjusting the flame on the lighters) and a bottle opener (no explanation needed...).

The scissors cut up to 54 ring gauge.

I have used the little tools many times. I have found the cigar poker/bleeding tool priceless. It is not as sharp or rude as a nail and due to the flat head it doesn't block the nozzle. The scissors are ideal for cutting pyramid cigars however these cut most cigars with ease.

The key ring makes the MTX ideal for carrying with you and the folding mechanism is strong and smooth. A big plus is that when folded these actually stay folded. if-you-know-what-i-mean. These retail for $70. Available here

Trezo Lighter

The Trezo lighter is the cream of the crop when it comes to cigar lighters.

The Trezo lighter is the first and only in-line triple jet flame lighter available today. Its unique design places two outer jet flames at an 8 degree angle inwards, concentrating the heat source at the perfect point above the flames. This means that no matter the size of your cigar or lighting condition, you will have a good clean light.

First, flip up the top cap and expose the three protected ignition jets.

With your thumb, pull down the center trigger to fire up this new lighting system and then enjoy your puros! A large fuel window reminds you to refill the oversize tank and a large fuel adjustment wheel ensures you always have the exact flame size desired. Available in gold, black, chrome and gunmetal accents. These retail for $140. Available here

This lighter oozes style and quality. the sound from the triple jets is awesome and will light any size cigar in style. The design and weight of this lighter makes it perfect for the discerning buyer who is satisfied with only the best. The different accents are colour matched to the Xi1 cutters.

EX Windproof Lighter

This stylish and reliable windproof lighter is a beautifully crafted lighting device. Similar in concept to a Zippo with the windproof flame, the similarities stop there. No wick or flint to replace and filling up with butane is very simple and easy.

This lighter is ideal as an everyday lighter when you require style and sophistication without blending in with the crowd. Available in Black, Chrome Silver, Brushed Silver and Gunmetal, this lighter is colour matched to the Xi1 Lighters. These retail for $89.50. Available here


For a stylish way to light a pipe, the Scribe lighter is sure to tick all the right boxes.

When it comes to style, sometimes less is more. The new XIKAR Scribe pipe lighter features a sleek and elegant pen shape that fits nicely into pockets. Its unique pull-apart action starts the flow of butane and with the flick of the flint ignition, you are ready to enjoy a relaxing puff

These retail for $60. Available here.

This is just a small selection of what we have available. In the shop you will find a larger variety of cigar accessories from XIKAR.

If there is a XIKAR product that is not shown in the shop let me know what you are after and I will get it in for you.

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We have a range of great cigr books available, how much do you really know about that great cigar you had, or about the wonderful cuban world where the masters hand roll thousands great cigars, then have a look:

We also have a great cigar journal with space to write and record details like families, ring gauge, experiances, flavours for each third of the sticks you try, and a place to stick the bands.

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